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Hello all,

I am not sure if this is wish or just a topic for discussion, but here it is:

In recent checks I have done with SnS the graphical results have indicated that my parts are fine, but the reports aren't showing this as the maximum stress doesn't happen in the area I am studying, but at the edge constraints of the model.

I wonder if one could not implement a "InSolid" approach for the report where stresses, displacements, etc... are only reported for the meshes inside a Rhino solid, which would allow one to disregard all the weird little stress concentrators that happen at the restraints. This would be for the report only.


BTW I am a huge fan of the mesh approach since our Rhino models aren't always perfectly closed. I can export the model to STL, use something like NetFab to repair the mesh where needed, then re-import the part into Rhino and run the analysis. Huge time saver compared to trying to get the Rhino models completely closed and "hole free"

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It sounds like you want to skip certain regions (i.e. neighborhood of restraints) when generating the output for the report - something like: "Ignore solution (stress?) values within some distance X of any restraint, whether sampling inside the solid or over its boundary."  Would that encapsulate the functionality you are looking for?

Regarding the support for surface meshes, I've done the same thing after importing shapes generated in other systems that do not form closed solids in Rhino.  It's a powerful option that is easy to forget.




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