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I need to analyze a 1" square extruded aluminum arm but having difficulty in forming a solid from the components that make up the arm.  If I try a Boolean union of all the components, the inside surfaces are then not part of the solid and SnS will not recognize the resulting solid.  I have attached the Rhino file if someone can suggest a solution.


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Jay,  this question came up before.      The correct Boolean union should preserve all internal details of course,  but Rhino does not seem to handle this correctly.  

An earlier discussion proposed a workaround, which may or may work for you.   It is basically a hack that takes advantage of the fact that Scan&Solve is able to ignore features that very small relative to the element size.    I personally do not like suggesting  this,  but  it seem to have worked for others.

But I encourage you to send a note to Rhino developers.  They really should fix this.  


Thanks, I expect that this workaround will solve my immediate issue.  Will work with McNeel to hopefully get a more permanent solution.




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