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Hi team 

Great to see the product is now launched, I have not found the way to enter the activation key, It seems like I'm on a 17 day evaluation license.


Also I have not found how to change the physical units ( Pa, dyn, N etc ...) is there a way?


Good day to all


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I am also unable to get the activation key to work.  I did type in the SnSActivate command in the Rhino command line and I do get the prompt to type in my key but regardless of how i type it in, I continue to get an "unexpected error" message.


License activation is initiated by typing SnSActivate at Rhino's command prompt.  Please note that your computer's time and date setting (date mostly) must be correct for activation to succeed.  Otherwise, you will get the "Unexpected Error (-1)" message.

Also note that activation keys for floating licenses will not work with the SnSActivate command.  We will be contacting floating license customers individually with instructions within about a week.

Best regards,


The units are determined by the modeling units being used by Rhino, as described here.

There have been quite a few requests to allow units to be changed, and I'm sure we will provide this capability in a future service release.  We have our own ideas how to do this, but the community's input would be appreciated how they might like to see this implemented.



If you are experiencing difficulty using the SnSActivate command, please download and try the latest version.  In version, I've increased the granularity of the possible error conditions to help us narrow down where the failures are occurring.


On a related topic, one user (Thank you Dave M.) was able to get his license activated through the following steps:

Disabled Windows firewall;
Disabled Malwarebytes; Disabled Windows security essentials;
then Booted into safe mode with networking.
None of that worked.
What did work was using my 3g mobile hotspot server on my Droid. So it might be a router problem (built in firewall?). Mine is a Linksys-n wrt300n.

So it looks like there may be intermediate networking issues that can cause problems in communicating with our license server.

Please let us know of any difficulties (and solutions) you encounter.




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