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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

(Posted for Jody Culbert)

I just sent  the whole series of screenshots that I had sent to the client to help
him understand the dynamics involved in the crossbeam design for a 24 ft
trailerable trimaran.  Instead of folding the aluminum tubes are 
telescoping and fixed by tapered stainless drift pins.   There are HDPE 
(High Density Polyetheleyne) discs that provide clearance and smooth
sliding action between the tubes and I have modeled contact faces for my 
restraints. One of the changes that SnS prompted was the diagonal stay 
wire was found to be more effective to let in pass through a slot in the
bottom of the tube and then terminate on the top of the tube in a ball
and socket insert which was able to be located well away from the
localised stress risers on the pads and holes for the pins.    When design tools like Rhino, Orca3d,
and so many others that have spawned from RHino's success, are
affordable and usable by amateurs and hobby users, then that is a great
thing and will accomplish what desktop editing and publishing tools have
done for the graphics industry in the past.  I hope to be able to
continue to provide feedback to you and your team and wish I had time to 
have downloaded your latest and explored a bit further.  Thanks again
and keep up the great work!  Jody Culbert

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