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Are there any courses given in FEA ?



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Rob,  what kind of course do you have in mind:  related to using Scan&Solve or something more general?    We have been discussing possibility of organizing some webinars and/or tutorials, but we are not sure how much interest is out there.  It would be good to have some input from you and others who may be interested.
Vadim , thanks for the quick reply . I was thinking of a course with some back ground in FEA in general because I,m not an engineer but still need to use strength , bending calcs in my every day job . Together with a course relating to using scan&solve.

Rob,  thanks for bringing this up.    There is quite a bit of "unfiltered" online material out there,  but I did not see anything I liked personally.     It is also true that many Scan&Solve users indicated interest in seeing "general information on structural analysis and simulation".    So perhaps it is time indeed for us to design a short introductory course  for those with  basic knowledge of high school geometry and physics.   It could explain the concepts summarized in the Scan&Solve documentation plus perhaps the basics of computations underlying finite elements.   This could be done  in a few hours ... or a few days.    


It would be good to know if there is a demand for such a course,  or if there are other related courses/resources that do something similar.    Comments? 





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