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Hi, thank you for this great plug-in.

In fact I have been dreaming about something like this. I am an architect an therefore I would be very interested in materials like wood, concrete and steel reinforced concrete. I know this are very difficult materials since there are a lot of different types and specially wood is anisotropic. But it would be great to be able to choose these materials... 

Congratulations on your work! I will continue testing scan and solve.

Greetings from Munich,


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Thank you for giving Scan&Solve a try and for your kind comments. Yes, we know that the current selection of materials is quite limited, and it will definitely grow. More importantly, you can expect to be able to add custom materials (i.e. where the user can specify the material constants) -- at least for isotropic materials -- very soon. Anisotropic materials are much more tricky of course, but we would not rule it out either in a longer term. We are struggling to maintain a simple and intuitive user interface, while giving users ability to model increasingly complex problems -- this is one of the main challenges for us.

But we would love to learn more about your problems, examples, models -- or anything else you are willing to share. Models? pictures? anything we can help you with? Let us know.



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