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Hello all!


I´ve tried to install the update of the lastest SnS on my computer, using the Compact Installer! Certainly, this is not a major problem that should be discussed here, but I think that the design team should know about this!


After runnig the compact installer, the SnS runs like the former version. No new "view" tab was shown and I don´t see anything new on this time. I ran a simulation, and I got the "old" results. Just after deinstalling the complete old SnS software from my computer, including the runtime enviroment, and reinstalling a complete new version (the big file with nearly 28 MB) now the news can be seen!


Nur nebenbei mal so... => @Michael!


Best Regards


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You must have inadvertently run the installer for the previous version.  I downloaded and ran the compact installer and it had the expected functionality.


No, I´m sure to use the actual version! Because I first download the compact installer from your site, and after I have seen that it don´t work, I download the complete programm (after unistalling the older version)!


But this is not so important, I just whant to tell you this!



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