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I have a model that was originally built and analysed accidentally using metres instead of millimetres. The units have been changed and the size is now correct, however SnS thinks it is still in metres. The evidence for this is a massive weight for the part.

Is there any way to correct this without rebuilding the model and starting the analysis for scratch?



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Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to change the analysis units once they've been established.

You can explode the model to clear out the Scan&Solve data and join it back together to establish the new units.  Of course you'll have to re-apply the restraints, loads and other settings.

Out of curiosity, if Scan&Solve would modify the analysis units to always match the Rhino units (scaling the loads into the new units), would this be acceptable behavior?


EDIT:  See my reply below.



It sounds like Scan and Solve is missing a "clear results" command which

clears the current analysis results without having to re-apply the loads, contraints

or other settings.


So you would clear the current analysis results.

Change the units

Then do a new analysis







Regarding "clear results," the [Purge] button on the Specify tab will clear solution results.  It won't do anything for changes in units.

Try the latest version (  It checks for a change in units in the Rhino document and prompts the user for guidance.  It will also warn if unsupported length units are being used to model the geometry.


Thanks Michael. Since this is probably a rare occurrence it isn't necessary to have a feature for changing units.

Maybe a units item in the results tab and displaying the reaction forces will be enough to alert users to any inconsistencies. I only picked up on it when I checked the weight of the item. Those things are our human checks to see if it is being modelled and solved correctly, they're things that a computer can't really comprehend.





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