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When i go to see the z displacement the model goes black and -1.#INDmm appears where the figures should be. Any idea to what i am doing wrong? Ive attached a screen shot so you can get a better understanding. Cheers

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Can you show us the material, restraints, and loads you've specified?
I wonder whether the IND stands for INDeterminate which could arise if the component is not sufficiently constrained.
About the black issue, did you checked the normals on the surfaces?
Ive attached a JPEG of the load and restraints. The load is 10N Scalar for per face.

The other part you see has been modeled using the pretty much the same process and same set up in SNS, one part has been revolved then trimmed and the other was simply extrudecrv. The extrudecrv part worked with SNS showing the z disp. This verifies to me that the material properties are all ok... Hmmm?
Why thank you Cristian! Exploded the part, joined and removeflippednormals... vola it worked! Thanks for all the help and advice guys, im relatively new to analysis and 3d modeling...



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