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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

  • It would be nice to be able to use more elements (finer mesh). I just did an analysis with 200,000 elements. And in some of the more interesting places on my model, there is not as much detail as I'd like to see– because the part varies in thickness quite a lot. So on some areas, there are only two, three or four mesh elements. Which is not really that many when you have a stress gradient going across that boundary...
  • One thing I noticed when looking at my results is that I use the X/Y/Z sectioning too quite often to see inside the object. It's very useful.

    I would like to be able to view other section profiles, not just these three simple planes.

    It's probably easier for me to explain this in crystallography terms. What you have now is basic 100, 010 and 001 planes parallel to the X, Y and Z axes.

    It would be nice to have 110, 101, 011 and 111 planes as well. In other words, some diagonals!
  • Another wish of mine is that I can't zoom in and out when I am creating the loads and restraints or viewing the results. I can pan. I can change viewports. But I can't zoom. Unfortunately that's already becoming a bit annoying for me...
  • most of the figures in the html report are displayed like this:
    1.6957E-001 mm.
  • I already know that that means 0.17mm. I don't know about engineers, but all scientists will tell you that we prefer the exponents to appear in multiples of three. It just makes it easier to read.

    I know that computers automatically spit out numbers with an 'e' in them, extra zeros and too many significant figures. But most humans would prefer to read either 0.17mm or even 1.7 x 10-1 mm.
  • No where near as big a deal as the other things I mentioned, but it would be nice to have a few other colour scales to choose from in the results. Some of the results are so pleasing to look at, visually speaking. My favourite is the second on the list. Can we have some more like that, with a posterised effect?

[keep in mind that right now I am using the WIP and student versions, but I will most likely purchase the software some time next year]

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