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Topology Optimization Using Scan&Solve Pro

1. Background

             When designing a part, the process often starts by knowing why this part is needed and what it needs to accomplish. A designer uses these to create a part that will satisfy all these conditions. In a similar way to this, topology optimization software uses specified restraints, loads, and a goal to optimize the part by adding or removing material where it is necessary. This…


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Validating the Strength of a Swim Platform Using Scan&Solve Pro

        Scan & Solve Pro provides the ability to do static stress simulations on designs for your product. This is beneficial for designing, as well as simply finding the maximum loads the structure can handle. You can test many different loading conditions, which can be beneficial to find the weakest area of the model for each condition. The results can be used to optimize the shape of your design and help with material selection. In this demonstration, a swim platform was analyzed to…


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Simulation and Analysis of the FIU Bridge Collapse

NOTE: This is an engineering exercise looking at the FIU Bridge as an interesting application of Scan&Solve ONLY.  We are not bridge designers.  Theories presented here must be tempered by the limitations inherent in the geometric detail, material assumptions, and mathematical models being used.


               On March 15, 2018, a bridge in Florida collapsed during construction killing 6 people with 9 people also…


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