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Version 1.0 of Scan&Solve is released

Following the successful six-month beta period,  Version 1.0 of Scan&Solve is now finally available. It contains numerous improvements, including

  • Doubled maximum resolution to 200K elements
  • Additional visualization features (x-ray, ghosted)
  • Further tuning of user interface
  • Compact installation footprint
  • Improved stability and bug fixes

All users are welcome to download the 17-day free trial version of V1.0.  Future WIP versions of Scan&Solve will be available to registered users of V1.0 software. The last beta version of Scan&Solve will remain functional until March 15th, 2011.


Scan&Solve product page is now available, where you can also find updated documentationglossary information, and a new but growing gallery of downloadable Scan&Solve example models. If you are willing and able to share some of your models, please send us your model at with any comments and credits you would like to see listed next to your model.

The Scan&Solve for Rhino network now boasts 750 members! We thank all Scan&Solve beta testers for participating and helping to turn Scan&Solve into a successful product, and we are particularly grateful to many of you who participated in the pre-release sale program which officially ended on February 28, 2011. If you purchased an activation key, you will receive a separate email with instruction on how to activate them.


  • Access to an online feedback survey form is built into Scan&Solve and can be accessed directly from here. Please take a moment to respond. Your opinions matter!
  • Please take a minute to review Scan&Solve on and help us spread the word. Here is the direct link.
  • Please contribute to the forums! Your pictures, examples, videos, and discussions are very valuable -- to us because they help us to improve Scan&Solve -- and to you because we all learn from each others' experience, and because wider use of the software will translate into lower cost of the product. The future of Scan&Solve really does depend on you!

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