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Pricing changes planned with V1.6 of Scan&Solve

As functionality of Scan&Solve increases so does the cost of its support and further development.   New prices will take place with the release of version 1.6 of Scan&Solve, tentatively planned for  May August 2012.  The new prices will be as follows:           

Single license (1 computer)   

$   995

2-pack (2 single  licenses)


5-pack (5 single licenses)


10-pack (10 single licenses)


Single floating license


Academic license (1 computer)

$   295

Academic lab pack (30 computers)

$   995

1-week pass

$   149

1-month pass

$   249

Take advantage of the current low prices  by  purchasing your copy of Scan&Solve now  and get a free upgrade to V 1.6 when it becomes available.     


Last updated by Scan&Solve Aug 9, 2012.


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