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Scan&Solve Fusion (WIP) is released

Free to all Scan&Solve users:
Simulation of Multi-Material Assemblies
with Scan&Solve Fusion (WIP)

▼ Download Scan&Solve Fusion (WIP)   ► Watch Video

Scan&Solve Fusion (WIP) for Rhino extends the power and simplicity of Scan&Solve for Rhino to bonded assemblies of solids made of different materials.  No need to unite the individual components prior to simulation.  Mix polysurfaces, meshes, and extrusions, standard and custom materials.  Watch this short video to see Scan&Solve Fusion in action, see the documentation for installation instructions and a quick summary of commands.

An installation of Scan&Solve 2014 for Rhino is required for this work-in-progress (WIP) version of Scan&Solve Fusion. The WIP is available to all licensed users of Scan&Solve for Rhino, including commercial, academic, and evaluation.

Please join the Scan&Solve community and share your experiences with Scan&Solve Fusion to help us make it better.


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