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I'm running some of the examples, and although I don't get any errors, it also seems that the computation never takes place.

For example, for the sampling example, no matter what I run, I get the value -1.79769E+308 for every point.

This is regardless if I set up and run SnS before with saved information or not.

Similarly, the first "Short example" doesn't really do any computation but returns instantly.

Is there any recommended way to debug this?

I am using the latest 2013 WIP.

Thanks in advance,

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The -1.79769E+308 value indicates there is no solution available, either at all or at least at the point in question.  What output (if any) are you seeing from Rhino's command line?

Maybe you are trying to use SnSScript on Rhino's lightweight extrusion objects.  These objects aren't supported yet in SnSScript, but in that case you should at least be getting the following message: "Object is not a a valid B-Rep.  Use Polysurfaces, not extrusions".  You can use Rhino's ConvertExtrusion command to convert extrusions to polysurfaces.



Thanks Michael, that did the trick. FYI, I do not get an error if I try the scripts on an extrusion though.



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