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Simulation of large buildings around 100metres long. Component ID tags.

I am currently running a simulation for a few large buildings. I have found that my changing my units to 'kilometer' in rhino enables a faster simulation time. Will the change in units affect the accuracy of the simulation results?

Also I'm currently using SnSPro educational license and I noted that there are new features which enables us to view each individual component's mass and component name. Is it possible to group the components and name it under a identification ID?

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Hello Zhenyi,

Units of 'kilometer' are not supported by Scan&Solve, so all length dimensions will be treated as having units of 'meter'.  This means that a .5 km tall building will be simulated as .5 m tall instead and deformations and stresses will be incorrect.  (SnSPro does post a message in the command line when it is operating on units that are not supported.) Furthermore, by working with such large units, components of the building will be represented by much smaller numbers which may interfere with some of the internal numerical routines, resulting in degraded accuracy.

Regarding IDs and grouping, SnSPro doesn't implement any way to do this yet.  Maybe we should discuss what you would find useful.




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