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Any idea why a simulation would not resolve?  I have run this same scenario a number of times before without issue.  Now it gets to 99% and hangs there.  When it solved, it took about 5hr.46min.  Now it gets to 99% in about 4 or 5 hours, then just hangs there.  This one has been running for 21hr.32min. and is still at 99%. (Should I cancel it, or might it still resolve?)  The only thing I changed is to move two faces on the left support (where the Z-only restraints are) to lengthen the span.  I ran an analysis on just that end element and it resolved in about 35 sec.  But when I run the entire assembly it now hangs like I said.  I checked to make sure no volumes are overlapping, materials are specified, I even deleted all the loads, restraints, & components & re-defined them all from scratch.  Still hangs.    What gets me is that it has run before with no issue.   I even copied the file to another machine & installed the trial pro version & tried it on that machine - same thing, hangs at 99%.  I've tried it about 5 or 6 times,  (2 on another comparable computer) since Tuesday morning. (3 days ago).

I am at max elements (500,000), there are about 98 components, only 2 different materials, custom defined Stainless Steels.  Again, the same settings as previously run.

Attached is a shot of the current analysis hung at 99% after about 21 hours.  Also attached is the last analysis that resolved. Like I said, the only thing I changed was the end faces of the left supports.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.


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Ok, so it appears to have been some issue in the main file.  In the original file, I have about 9 or 10 different scenarios & the file is about 1.2GB.  It is a working file where I have been running simulations on different parts of the larger assembly for a few weeks, modifying components etc.  My guess is that something got corrupted, or maybe too many solutions, or something else? 

I selected only the geometry that was to be used in that scenario & exported it as a separate file.  Then opened that new file & defined the scenario from scratch.  This time it came to solution in 5hr 28min.

 I'm sure it's hard to say with a file that size & that many scenarios run over & over, but any other specific ideas of what may have happened?

Thanks Scan & Solve . . . Cheers!


I agree with you......



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