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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

Attached is the report for a simple 50 tonne lug made of 40mm steel.




My initial thoughts are that this should be sufficient (or atleast in the ballpark) however SnS is giving back very large Von Mises stresses in both tension and compression regions.


A couple of questions...

Have I applied the loads correctly?

Am I interpretting the results correctly?




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The rar file seems to be corrupted, or at least I am not able to download it.   Perhaps you can post the pdf file or model file, since ning seems to have some problems with rar files ...

Ah, bugger.


Files attached.

Well,  I cannot say if you are applying the loads "correctly" -- because this depends on how the lug is actually used.  But you to are applying nearly 0.5 million Newtons to a small solid,  40mm thick.  So the computed stresses seem to be reasonable.



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