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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino

I am designing a sculptural complex of buildings and I am using the Scan&Solve plugin in order to evaluate and simulate the weakest and strongest parts of the composition  prior to generate an accurate structure system which connects all of them together. Here are some pics of my first step progress.

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Tell us more!   What is going on here?

I am testing parts of the complete model, which still being on process, to see and understand the weakest and strongest sections of the overall composition,

once the model is finished, I will design a kind of envelope which follows the  basic structure behavior from the evaluation with Scan&Solve.

Here I attached new pics of the process, as I said, I am testing small parts of the complete design to see which fits better.

Those are the two options I am working on for the structural composition,

now I've attached small parts but when I have it I will attach the complete work



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