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Hello !

Is there any plan to add more restraint types, like the possibility to free X, Y or Z directions ?



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Yes. Coming up in the next release in fact.
Great news !

Thanks Vadim.

Today, I came to a situation where i would like to add rotational constraints to a face, ie fix some directions of rotation only. Is this a quick, possible future addition?

This is a possible future addition, probably not "quick", but maybe possible.

I have a picture in my head of what you are interested in doing, but there is usually a disconnect between my imagination and someone else's reality.  Any chance you could post a picture to help us understand more precisely what you are interested in doing?


This shows what I would be interested in:


With edge restraints in Version 1.4 of Scan&Solve, rotational restraints about edges is now supported.  If necessary, edges can be added to your model by splitting faces where required, or by incorporating small holes as described here.

Let us know if this helps.


Michael, this is very helpful. I did the above example with very small faces.


Thanks to you and Vadim!



Displacment constraint would be really helpful. Forcing a  displacment in one directional axis

and fixing or freeing movement in the other directions.



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