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Simulate Early, Simulate Often... In Rhino


Nice work already with the plug-in, well done.

One installation problem (I think), every time I start Rhino I get a "Preparing plug-in for first use" dialog.

Are others seeing this?  Generally this is caused by a crash in Rhino just prior to writing out the registry data when Rhino closes, preventing it from recognizing the plug-in has been identified previously.  That's not to say it's your plug-in causing this, but I unloaded all my own and it was still evident (and I want to see if others are already seeing this prior to load protecting the others).

Great work already, looking forward to seeing others reactions and what progresses from this.



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Glad you are enjoying the plugin. Care to share what you are using it for?

I am seeing the message too. New to Rhino, I wasn't aware this wasn't "normal" behavior. Thanks for pointing it out.

We wrote the installer using the instructions at Perhaps we missed a step. Let me take a look at the installer code and we'll get it fixed up for the next release.




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