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I have access to two or three computers and they are sitting idle while I am waiting for the results to come in for my latest test.

Some customers probably have dozens or even hundred of computers on their local network, which would speed up the solving times considerably...

I know that other software companies have used networked computers for intense computations (rendering, etc). For example V-Ray offers that as does Maxwell.

It might be feasible if the computations can be divided between computers. So I don't know if you could offer this in future for FEA?

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Hello Leslie,

We are slowly moving in that direction.  Right now we are working on putting SnS on the cloud.  You can try out the free proof of concept here:

If you don't feel like signing up, this video shows how it works:

Someday I suppose we will support a "personal" cloud consisting of multiple computers connected on a network.  A step in this direction may simply be "worker" machines that solve SnS problems dispatched to them by full-featured clients running the SnS user interface in Rhino.  Would that be of interest?


Ditto! . . . that would be an incredible feature!  I use FlamingoNxt & it uses this same concept & I'm running a simulation now (going on about 30 hours & at about 96%).  I look forward to the "worker" & full-feature client setup.  Meanwhile I think I'll try the cloud version linked above.  Thank you Michael & the SnS team for bringing this to the market!


Yes, Michael, that is of interest.

Although if you are going to implement something like this, please don't do it like Adobe After Effects network rendering — which is not all that great as you have to: load the software onto each computer and set a watch folder for every single one of them; import all files separately and basically combine them yourself into a video (without sound I might add). That doesn't actually save me much time, it's more hassle as it requires additional steps. Link:

Better for me to be able to use other networked CPUs it without needing a monitor/keyboard, as I have a basic desktop computer acting like a file server...



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