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If Scan and Solve does not generate a mesh does this mean that the models

I am  analysing are not discretized. Does Scan and Solve generate a stiffness matrix ?





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Bob, Scan&Solve does not generate mesh of the MODEL,  but it does discretize the model on a MESH OF SPACE.   Think of the mesh as a 3D graph paper, each 3D cell serves an "finite element" -- in quotes because there are no "nodes" really,  only basis functions associated with each cell.    These cells are adapted to the native geometry and boundary conditions at run time during the integration process,  which indeed generates the stiffness matrix and a linear system of equations. 

You may want to read this post    which also has a link to a technical paper with more details.



So Scan and Solve is a cutting edge technology for generating a 

stiffness matrix. So Scan  and Solve can ignor small detail automatically

and still give a good result. Very impressive.


Another question: Can Scan and Solve solve a problem that is underconstrained or

will it produce an error message? Other analysis software I have used adds "Week Springs"

to the model.  I think it is adding extra stiffness to the stiffness matix to attempt to

make the problem more numerically stable. 





IN other FEA software , week sping are added to help  

The currently implemented version of Scan&Solve for Rhino requires the model to be properly constrained. 



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