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Master dissertation: integrated structural and geometric modeling: digital relapses of new "meshfree" methods

Hello everyone,
I am attaching the tables of my dissertation in Structural Architecture in which I have used S&S to demonstrate the advantages of meshfree methods have on solving mechanical problems.
The dissertation is written in Italian, if someone wants to have specifications on the things written in the dissertation I will be happy to answer.
My job was to underline the difficulty of the transition between a solid modeled in Rhinoceros and mechanical analysis with FEM programs. So, I have demonstrated the reliability of the results obtained with S & S, as compared to the exact solution and the analysis with FEM.

I started with simple models, specifically, I studied: a simply supported beam, a beam fixed, a continuous beam, a portal, a plate supported a plate stuck, a dome under the regime of the membrane, and finally I have applied programs to the bridge on the river Basento (engineer Musmeci).
The conclusions are that S&S is a program with great potential, which is easy to use even for those who are not expert in the sector, and especially does not force us to find a resolution mesh for the mechanical calculation.
My experience has been positive and also very interesting, and I hope that S&S will become more and more a program devoted to the structural analysis and is able to be one of the main programs used for mechanical analysis.
I hope you enjoy my work.


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Hi Morgana,

congratulations for your dissertation! I have one question: I`m having some difficult to apply Moment as you did at a plate in your slide 06. Can you explain for me? Is that a torque? How do you control de axis and directions?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Marina,

what you see in slide 06 is the effect of gravity load on the plate. 
I increased the deflection bar to show the qualitative deformation of a hinged plate and a fixed plate. I have not applied moments ... 
On the website you can find some examples on how to do Torsion Analysis, here's one:

or how to do Rotational Body Load Analysis, here:

and you can also extract Bending Moments Using SnSScript, here:

if you have any other questions or if you need more help for the plate, please do not hesitate to contact me :)


Thank you Morgana! Could you send me your complete dissertation or there is at the University website? I wanna use as a reference in my master tesis.


this is my complete dissertation in digital format. 

I only have so many excell tabs, testing files with S & S and SAP2000 and calculations by hand.

I have reported on the tables  the graphics results of my tests

if you want, you can use it as a reference in your master thesis, unfortunately it does not appear on the University website.


Hi! I'm a Ph.D. student in Udine - Italy. I know your Italian but I guess since the page is in English to write to you this way so anyone can understand. I would be really interested in reading anything about your experience. I'm testing the capability to use a model obtained by a TLS Surveying without excessive post processing for structural analysis. Scan and Solve seems to fit the problem. Please contact me if you can

Best regards




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