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The deck is an important part to support the mast. How can I put the restraints on decklevel? 


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How is the mast attached to the deck?  Is it just a slip fit into a hole in the deck?

What sort of load are you applying to the mast?

Hereby  a picture of the can also see it on www.windschip .nl

But it is rather difficult to solve fo me I want to know the strength an the thinkness of material in some parts. the loads I calculate with the sail area and the power of wind

 Perhaps you can give me  a little bit a direction


Maybe this will work...

Split the mast where it passes through the deck, leaving a band where forces can be applied.

Add a load to the deck band in the X-direction to simulate the effect of the deck resisting the bending of the mast in that direction.

Do the same for the Y-direction:

The pictures above show individual forces, but you will want to apply all the forces simultaneously:

Click [Go!] to compute the solution.

Using the visualization tools, inspect the X-Displacement and Y-Displacement in the area of the deck band.  If Fx and Fy are chosen correctly, the displacement of the mast at the deck will be very close to zero.

If the X- and Y-Displacements are not close enough to zero, adjust the values of the Fx and Fy loads and solve again.  After a few tries you should be able to get it fairly close.

Does this make sense?

Alternatively, you may be able to cut the mast at the deck and restrain the face at that location:

This may work depending on the locations where you are interested in the stress results.


Thank you Michael I go working.




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