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I saw a previous discussion on this subject where somebody was asking to reduce the size of the icons of the forces, restraints, etc.

A solution was given modifying the Rhino Dimension scale.

Unfortunately this solution seems not working in my case.

I followed the suggestion about saving and restart Rhinoceros and SnS Pro but without results.

I also tried to reduce the size of the annotation dots (from the standard 14 to 5) but again without results.

Do you have another suggestion for that...the size of the arrows and restraints are often embarrassing...

Thank you


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Hello Stefano,

I apologize for not seeing this sooner.  Please try the latest build of Scan&Solve Pro for Rhino 6:

This version has the option to change the scale of the boundary condition annotations using this command sequence:

Rhino > SnSPro > Settings > BC Glyph Scale [number].

The scale factor sets the size of the boundary condition annotations relative to the diagonal of the bounding box of the assembly undergoing simulation.




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