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Exporting model with SnS stress texture for 3D printing

Dear Developers


[Writing this out again as the first version, with image attached, doesn't seem to have uploaded. If is has, please disregard that one].


We have a firm here in South Africa that 3D prints in starch and if in VRML-2 format, can be printed in colour. Have seen an engine block with stress analysis done like this. VRML-2 may not be an ideal export option for SnS - can always use a 3rd party convertor.


My thinking here is using SnS as a sales tool. It tells prospective clients we engineer products rather than slap any old thing together. That keeps us out of price wars and justifies a higher price (not to mention R&D budget).


Presenting SnS reports of known problems has dropped jaws around our boardroom table. Matter of fact, my R&D budget was quadrupled this morning. Imagine SnS models suspended in polycarb cases in the showroom...



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Ian, thank you for the post! I am just thinking of all the things we could do if we could only use some of your R&D budget! ... hopefully, we will soon :-)

I would love to see the pictures you were trying to post. If you are having trouble, please just email them to me at and I will post the for you, with any comments you care to add.
Thank you again!
Hi Vadim

Don't worry, you'll be getting a slice (of R&D budget).

The pic was really to show starch models with texture applied. If you can hang on a few days, will send information on a new 5-star chair base we're developing. The originals are nylon but we are investigating moving to polypropylene, as it is manufactured locally and far less expensive.

SnS has been invaluable. It confirmed what I suspected, that the original has not been designed to balance stresses. They have relied on the strength of the material. We will have to rely on good design if we want to use a material with approx. half the strength-to-weight ratio.

The latest version is great - no more crashes on the displacement and the material editor a win. One problem is where materials are mixed, for instance a frame with 240Mpa (yield) steel welded to 300Mpa. Or a plastic overmoulded steel frame.





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