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Hi guys, I'm looking forward to test this plugin, but apparently it only works on 32bit Rhino4 ?
Will there be a Rhino5 64 bit version soon ? 


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We haven't tested Scan&Solve in anything newer than Rhino V4 (WinXP & Win7), but at least one person has reported success running the Scan&Solve plugin in Rhino V5 x64. Please try it and let us know.

We are focusing our limited resources on getting things stable within the current commercial version of Rhino. I'm sure we will release a 64 bit version, but I don't anticipate it will be in a timeframe anyone would consider "soon". :-)

Thanks Michael,
it would be good if the ppl reporting SnS works on R5 64bits will describe on the forum how they managed to do that, my windows tweaking knowledge is limited.

I think Michael was referring to the post by Jody on the Rhino News forum
Thanks Vadim,
I posted in the Newsgroup, hopefully Jody will clear things out.

I strongly suspect the user who reported success was actually running Rhino v5 x32 in a 64-bit OS.

In its current incarnation, Scan&Solve is 32-bit and will NOT work in Rhino v5 x64, but it should work in Rhino v5 x32.

Check back with me in a couple months about an x64 version of Scan&Solve.

I confess! Sorry guys, last update of v5 I inadverdently downloaded 32bit version and was indeed running SnS in 32. Jody



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