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     I find Scan and Solve very easy and intuitive to use. However, modeling a simply supported structure is very counter intuitive.  I had to load test a ramp (basically a grillage) which is simply supported on two ends. So I modeled it in rhino, and followed the instructions as given in the SnS wiki 

Attached screenshots will show you that I got different results from both the methods. The correct and most simple method would have been to restrain the face in z direction only. However Sns would not allow me to model so since the no. of constraints would be less to solve the equations (I guess!)

Please can anyone advise me what would be the correct way to model this situation?

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Sorry for not reaching out earlier. I was traveling back then and lost track of it. Let me know if it still hasn't been solved, and we can look into it.

G Kumar

Intact Solutions

Thank you Mr. Kumar. This thing has not been solved. My only question is why is it not possible for me to restrain this structure in Z direction only? SnS doesn't allow me to do so. 

Hi, Abin. Sorry to hear that the problem is still there. Since there is no load in the x and y direction, in theory, we don't need restraints in those directions. However, in 3D FEA, due to numerical errors and approximations, we may end up with small forces in x and y directions. So we need some restraint in x and y as well, without which the structure will not be in equilibrium.  On the other hand, if beam theory was used to simulate your problem, we will not need those extra restraints, but we will completely miss any 3D stress/strains.

We can still take a look at your file if you want.



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