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What caught my attention few months ago, is SnS inability to analyse hollow nurbs models.
And this probably is not a SnS issue, but Rhinoceros itself. By hollow I mean, for example: a sphere, with another smaller sphere inside of it. Rhinoceros simply neglects the inner sphere, and therefor this kind of model can not be considered as a hollow. Probably that is why the SnS also can not consider it as a hollow.

Has something changed with the introduction of the meshes into SnS analysis?

Is it possible now, to analyse hollow models? Thank you.

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Yes, you can analyze hollow solids if they are represented using a single mesh with normals oriented to point away from the material.

An example:

Here we have 2 sphere meshes, both with outward pointing normals.  The mesh backfaces are colored orange.


Use Rhino's Flip command to re-orient normals on the "interior" sphere:

Use Rhino's Join command to join the two meshes into one.


Run SnSMesh on the joined meshes.

Apply material, restraints and loads.


Click [GO!] to complete the simulation and View the results:


Is this helpful?



Thank you for such a quick reply Michael (I did not get the email notification on your reply, even though I am subscribed to following the topic?!)

What you showed me is a section view of a two spheroidal meshes (one inside of another)?

Because if it's not (if these are just half sphere shapes), then this can be done using the nurbs surfaces too. Right?

Yes, two spherical meshes; one inside the other.  Rhino's section plane is turned on so the interior is visible... that's the X-ed planar polygon you see in all the views.  In the last view, Scan&Solve's section plane is turned on so the solid material between the two spherical surfaces is visible.


Thank you for the reply again.
I was not aware of the Rhino section plane command (is that in Rhino 5?) as I am still using the Rhino 4 version.

I knew SnS had a section option, but not the Rhino.

In the first three images use Rhino section plane (as you said).
Is that an additional plugin, or command within Rhino 5?

It is a command in Rhino:

View > Clipping Plane



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